Member Directory

Treasured Friends, Inc. Animal Adoption and Rescue

219-381-8562 (Main)

Categories: Non Profits/Service Organizations/Churches

Member Name: Melisa Gensel

Member Join Date: 11/30/2015

Trinity Medical Clinic

219-472-8069 (Main)
219-359-3181 (Fax)

Categories: Health & Fitness

Member Name: Monika Sinha

Member Join Date: 07/10/2019

True Lux Car Wash

219-923-3400 (Main)

Categories: Car Wash

Member Name: David Coslov

Member Join Date: 5/29/2013

Two Uncles Remodeling LLC

219-923-6808 (Main)
219-923-3845 ( Fax)

Categories: Contractors/Construction

Member Name: Garry Mang

United Federal Credit Union

219-924-5950 ext 51 (Main)

Categories: Banks & Credit Unions

Member Name: Sylvia Torbica

Member Join Date: 3/21/2013

Van Der Noord Electric

219-924-5346 (Main)

Categories: Electricians

Member Name: Gary Van Der Noord

Member Join Date: 7/14/1992

Varsity Sports, Inc.

219-924-5110 (Main)
219-924-5151 ( Fax)

Categories: Sporting Goods

Member Name: Scott Eriks

Versiti Blood Center of Illinois

800-786-4483 (Main)
219-384-5028 (Office)

Categories: Non Profits/Service Organizations/Churches

Member Name: Coraima Applegate

Member Join Date: 10/22/2019

Veteran Reaction Force

219-293-5795 (Main)

Categories: Non Profits/Service Organizations/Churches

Member Name: Bryan Jones

Member Join Date: 08/10/2019

Veterinary Orthopedic Center

219-922-6000 (Main)

Categories: Veterinarians

Member Name: Claude Gendreau, DVM, MSc, DACVS

Member Join Date: 10/12/2018

VFW Post 1109

219-689-9340 (Main)

Categories: Non Profits/Service Organizations/Churches

Member Name: Larry Higgins

Member Join Date: 10/02/2019

Vyto’s Pharmacy, Medical Equipment & Compounding Lab

219-972-1700 (Main)
219-972-1915 (Fax)

Categories: Pharmacies

Member Name: Vyto Damasius

Member Name 2: Nathan Damasius

Walsh & Kelly, Inc.

219-924-5900 (Main)

Categories: Paving

Member Name: Mark Andrews

Member Join Date: 5/26/2016

Watercolor Unlimited

219-922-4477 (Main)

Categories: Art Sales & Service

Member Name: Kathy Los-Rathburn

Member Join Date: 11/12/2019

Webb Ford, Inc.

219-924-3400 (Main)
219-922-5788 ( Fax)

Categories: Automotive

Member Name: Terri Smith

Member Join Date: 6/8/1971

Webb Hyundai

219-923-2277 (Main)
219-923-2345 ( Fax)

Categories: Automotive

Member Name: Caryn Duran

Member Join Date: 6/1/2010

WestPoint Financial

219-895-2533 (Office)

Categories: Financial & Financial Advisors

Member Name: Maggie Reister-Walters

Member Join Date: 06/11/2019

White Funeral Home & Cremation Service

219-924-4100 (Main)
219-924-2448 ( Fax)

Categories: Funeral Homes

Member Name: Ray White

Who Dun It Piercing Salon


Categories: Body Piercing and Tattoo Removal

Member Name: Jon Farina

Member Join Date: 7-11-2017

Wild Birds Unlimited

219-319-0126 (Main)

Categories: Hobby Shop

Member Name: Carol Harsh

Member Join Date: 4/7/2016

World Furniture

219-513-9072 (Main)

Categories: Furniture/Home Decor

Member Name: Mike Issa

Member Join Date: 06/05/2018

Zamudio Law Professionals, PC

219-924-2300 (Main)

Categories: Lawyers

Member Name: Christie DeHaan

Member Join Date: 11/10/2015

Zandstra’s Store For Men

219- 923-3545 (Main)
219- 923-1807 ( Fax)

Categories: Clothing

Member Name: Dale Tanis

Member Join Date: 1/1/1963

Zeller Windows & Siding

219-365-8627 (Main)

Categories: Retail Store

Member Name: Andrea Zeller

Member Join Date: 10/29/2019