Member Directory

Collins Heating & Cooling

219-924-7423 (Main)

Categories: Heating & Air Conditioning

Member Name: Mark Ortiz

Member Join Date: 12/9/2016

Comcast Business

224-229-6364  (Office)

219-781-3920 - Flora Nuses (Cell)

Categories: Telecommunications

Member Name: Richard LaPorte - Sales Manager

Member Name 2: Flora Nuses - Business Account Executive

Member Join Date: 2/22/2013

Comfort Inn

219-845-4678 (Main)

Categories: Hotels/Motels

Member Name: Lisa Gibson

Member Join Date: 10/11/1995

Commercial In-Sites, LLC

219-795-1100 (Main)
219-795-1111 (Fax)

Categories: Real Estate

Member Name: David Lasser

Member Join Date: 01/02/2019

Community Hospital

219-836-1600 (Main)

Categories: Hospitals

Member Name: Mary Fetsch

Member Name 2: Karin Woodside

Member Join Date: 7/01/1990

Controlled Substance Managers, Inc.

219-838-8091 (Main)

Categories: Drug/Alcohol/DNA Testing

Member Name: Maria Wytrykus

Member Name 2: Dr. David Cox

Member Join Date: 11/06/2013

Crawford Door Sales Co.

219-924-7281 (Main)
219- 922-8436 ( Fax)

Categories: Doors

Member Name: Scott Philips

Member Join Date: 12/09/1975

Creative Carpet and Flooring

219-924-5060 (Main)

Categories: Flooring

Member Name: Mark & Tammy Bouquet

Member Join Date: 08/15/2016

Crestview Apartment Homes

219-838-1450 (Main)

Categories: Apartments

Member Name: Amy Conn

Crossroads YMCA

219-750-1082 ext 107 (Main)

Categories: Non Profits/Service Organizations/Churches

Member Name: Jaci Gomez

Crossroads YMCA

219-845-1507 ext. 229 (Main)

Categories: Non Profits/Service Organizations/Churches

Member Name: Lynette McDermott

Member Name 2: Emily Ellison

Member Join Date: 11/10/2009

Crowel Agency, Inc.

219-923-2131 (Main)

Categories: Insurance

Member Name: Thomas Crowel

Member Join Date: 12/21/1964

Cruise Planners

219-427-9209 (Main)

Categories: Travel

Member Name: Kali Rasala

Member Join Date: 07/10/2017

Culvers of Highland

219-934-7900 (Main)

Categories: Restaurants

Member Name: Fred Terpstra

Member Name 2: Mike Wondaal

Member Join Date: 4/15/2013

Decor & More

219-595-5495 (Main)

Categories: Furniture/Home Decor

Member Name: Jillian Gadzala

Member Join Date: 11/7/2017

Diesel Electrical Equipment, Inc.

219-922-1848 (Main)
219-922-1849 ( Fax)

Categories: Electrical Locomotive S&S

Member Name: Susan P. Gregory

Digital Graphic Solutions

219-465-7600 (Main)

Categories: Signs & Design

Member Name: Mark Trumbull

Member Join Date: 9/01/2011

Dining Solutions

219-923-3830 (Main)

Categories: Caterers

Member Name: Bridget Cook

Member Name 2: Jennifer Munoz

Member Join Date: 2/23/2012

Diversified Marketing Strategies, Inc.


Categories: Marketing Firm

Member Name: Andrea Pearman

Member Name 2: John Brant

Member Join Date: 04-13-2017

Diversified Wealth Solutions

219-301-5030 (Main)
219-301-5021 ( Fax)

Categories: Financial & Financial Advisors

Member Name: Joe Pannarale

Member Join Date: 7/20/2015

Down Syndrome Association of Northwest Indiana & Chicagoland

219-838-3656 (Main)

Categories: Non Profits/Service Organizations/Churches

Member Name: Dawn Buckley, Executive Director

Member Join Date: 4/01/2015

Dr. Mary Tilak, MD

219-922-8051 (Main)

Categories: Healthcare Development

Member Name: Dr. Mary Tilak

Member Join Date: 3/26/2018

Dunhill Cleaners

219-838-1250 (Main)

Categories: Cleaners

Member Name: Daniel Zandstra

Member Join Date: 3/08/1983

Dunhill Formal Wear

219-923-6446 (Main)
219-769-0881 ( Fax)

Categories: Bridal & Tuxedo

Member Name: John Zandstra

Member Join Date: 8/14/1973

Easy Clean Car Wash

219-922-7900 (Main)
708-895-5747 ( Fax)

Categories: Car Wash

Member Name: Fred Seniw

Member Join Date: 7/14/2000

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