Member Directory

Bochnowski Appraisal Co.

219-923-1602 (Main)
219-923-1802 ( Fax)

Categories: Real Estate

Member Name: Thomas Bochnowski

Member Join Date: 8/11/1997

Bootleg Liquor

219-838-3620 (Main)
219-838-4728 ( Fax)

Categories: Liquor Store

Member Name: Brian Cook

Bosak Honda

219-922-3100 (Main)
219-922-3111 ( Fax)

Categories: Automotive

Member Name: Kathy Willman

Member Join Date: 4/12/2006

Bridge’s Scoreboard

219-924-2206 (Main)

Categories: Bar/Pub/Restaurant

Member Name: Scott Bridges

BrightStar Care of Lake County Indiana

219-924-0200 (Main)

Categories: Home Health & Companion Services

Member Name: Tracy & Jean Overla

Member Join Date: 11/10/2009

Brown Insurance Group

219-972-6060 (Main)

Categories: Insurance

Member Name: Tom Brown

Member Join Date: 7/01/1994

Buns Care Children’s Charity

727-483-2466 (Main)

Categories: Non Profits/Service Organizations/Churches

Member Name: Dr. Tom O'Hara

Member Join Date: 01/08/2019

Cakes By Karen

219-838-2310 (Main)

Categories: Bakeries

Member Name: Karen & Ed Wontor

Member Name 2: Tammy Wontor-Wilson

Member Join Date: 7/15/1998

Calumet Christian School

219-922-8428 (Main)
219-922-8706 ( Fax)

Categories: Non Profits/Service Organizations/Churches

Member Name: Dan Obinger

Member Join Date: 9/29/2016

Camotes Island Asian Market

219-212-2600 (Main)

Categories: Specialty Food Store

Member Name: Maria and Blake Gillespie

Member Join Date: 11/26/2018

Capri’s Pizza

219-865-9100 (Main)
708-460-5493 ( Fax)

Categories: Restaurants

Member Name: Ben, Len and Lena Ciannamea

Member Join Date: 2/12/2013

Casey’s General Store

219-924-6461 (Main)

Categories: Gas Station

Centier Bank

219-924-6400 (Main)
219-922-2414 ( Fax)

Categories: Banks & Credit Unions

Member Name: Beverly Strickland

Member Name 2: Mary Shelton

Centier Bank

219-924-0800 (Main)
219-922-2420 ( Fax)

Categories: Banks & Credit Unions

Member Name: Joe Koranek

Centier Bank

219-924-4649 (Main)

Categories: Banks & Credit Unions

Member Name: Gina Ribota

Central Marine Logistics, Inc. & Intership, Inc.

Phone: 219-922-2546 (Main)
219-922-2715 ( Fax)

Categories: Int. and Domestic Waterbourne Shipping

Member Name: Tom Wiater

Member Join Date: 5/18/2007

Centsible Heating and Air Conditioning LLC

219-972-0289 (Main)
219-979-9423 ( Fax)

Categories: Heating & Air Conditioning

Member Name: Susie Pollard

Chase Bank

219-924-1808 (Main)

Categories: Banks & Credit Unions

Member Name: Samantha Hawthorne

Member Join Date: 12/02/2014

Chicago Title Insurance Company

219-972-1246 (Main)

Categories: Title Companies

Member Name: Sue Woodall

Member Join Date: 6/01/2010

Christopher W. Gall, D.D.S.

219-838-5111 (Main)
219-923-3059 ( Fax)

Categories: Dentists/Dental Labs/Dental Care

Member Name: Andrea Sewa

CJ Printing & Shipping

219-922-3520 (Main)
219-924-1866 ( Fax)

Categories: Printers

Member Name: Charles Pease

Member Join Date: 6/01/1978

Classic Barber Shoppe

219-595-0215 (Main)

Categories: Beauty & Fashion

Member Name: Dario Garcia

Member Join Date: 01/22/2019

Classic Taxi

219-322-8758 (Main)

Categories: Transportation

Member Name: Ken Stevenson

Member Join Date: 9/7/2016

Colby Dental

219-924-2736 (Main)
219-924-2760 ( Fax)

Categories: Dentists/Dental Labs/Dental Care

Member Name: Timothy Colby

Member Join Date: 8/12/2008

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

219-488-9044 (Main)

Categories: Real Estate

Member Name: Candace Taylor

Member Name 2: Robert Klein

Member Join Date: 10/10/2018

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